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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A. Why?​


A1. Why should I complain?​
Complaints can let merchants know what their problems are, and enable them to make progress and improvements. When merchants have improved, everyone benefits.


A2. Why should I file a complaint on ComplainHero? 
There are basically three reasons.​The first is convenience. Users only need to remember and do not need to look for the merchant’s contact email or phone number every time. And no more being put on hold or repeating the problem to different people. The second reason is to avoid embarrassment. ComplainHero will not list your complaints, so you don't have the same problem you do with social platforms where people can see who and what. The third is effectiveness. Many of our users found that the merchant has improved after complaining via ComplainHero!​


A3. Why don't you list complaint cases on the website?​
ComplainHero doesn't want merchants to be labeled as problem merchants. When there is an improvement case that is worth encouraging, it will be listed for reference only after obtaining the consent of the merchant.​

​A4. Why is complaint via ComplainHero more effective than direct complaining?​
We have found that most merchants understand that there is more pressure and bigger consequence not responding or responding hastily when the complaints are lodged with us, a third party bearing witness.


A5. Why do we need to provide suggestions for improvement?
​The idea of ​​ComplainHero is that complaints are for improvement. When the merchant knows the problem, and then refers to the improvement suggestions, it will be of great help to the merchants wanting to improve.


B. What is it?
​​B1. Can I complain to any merchants?​
Yes, you can. Merchants would include shops, restaurants and other commercial service providers. Interpersonal relations, government and political complaints are regretfully not accepted at the moment.

B2. Does ComplainHero charge any service fee?
​The service of ComplainHero is completely free. We aim to provide a convenient and stress-free complaint platform, so that merchants can understand the problem and make improvements. ​


​B3. What can I complain about?​
You can complain about all things encountered before, during and after your purchase, such as the attitude of the waiter is not attentive enough, the food is not hot enough when the food is on the table, your clothes are torn by the chair, the floor is slippery and so on. The smaller the problem, the more precious it is. ​

B4. Will you follow up on my behalf?​
We will pass your complaint and suggestions to the related merchant to give them the chance to improve. We will provide advisory and training if needed.​

B5. What feedback will I get?​
Merchants will contact users through the previously provided contact information or make adjustments or improvements on their own, which you will likely notice.


C. How?

C1. How to make a complaint?
​Users only need to go to ComplainHero, click the "Complain Now" button, and fill in the relevant details and suggestions for improvement. Our team will contact the merchant as soon as possible after receiving the complaint. 

​C2. How do you think people say ComplainHero encourages a culture of complaints"?
​ComplainHero is different from general complaint handling. We request users to provide improvement suggestions, aiming to help the merchants make improvements. The Hong Kong government recently advocates "looking at complaints head-on, and building a good system together." ComplainHero can be said to be a non-governmental version. ​

​C3. Will the information I give you be used for promotional purposes?​
Please rest assured that all our data will be encrypted and stored securely. In addition, the user's contact information will never be passed on to any third party except for the relevant merchants.

Most of the complaints filed by <Complaint Hero> have also been properly handled and improved.
Examples include:

大家樂Cafe de Coral







順豐速運SF Express

歇腳亭Share Tea

必勝客Pizza Hut



唐記包點Tong Kee Bao Dim


敏華冰廳Men Wah Bing Teng

OK便利店Circle K

太興Tai Hing

翠河餐廳Green River Restaurant




中國移動香港China Mobile

佳宝食品超級市場Kai Bo Food Supermarket

譚仔雲南米線Tamjai Yunnan Mixian

香港電視購物網絡HKTV Mall

一粥麵Super Super Congee & Noodle


新巴First Bus



美心 MXMaxim's MX

Fusion_百佳超級市場 Fusion_PARKnSHOP



家興超級市場Ka Hing Supermarket

雲桂香米線專門店Yugu Noodle



中原地產Centaline Property

元氣壽司Genki Sushi

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