Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I complain?

Complaints can let merchants know where their problems are, and enable them to make progress and improvements. When merchants do better, everyone benefits.


2. Why should I file a complaint on <ComplainHero>?

There are basically three reasons.

The first is convenience. Users only need to remember, so they don’t need to find the contact email or phone number of the complainant each time. In addition, users no longer have to wait or repeat the problem as when calling the hotline. The second is to avoid embarrassment. <Complain Hero> will not publicly list your complaints, so it won’t embarrass you like when you complain on social platforms, no matter how big or small. The third is about channels. We have direct channels to business executives for many companies. Our team continues to work hard to increase these special channels.


3. What can I complain about?

You can also complain about everything, such as the waiter is not attentive enough, the food is not hot enough, the chair snags your sweater, the floor is slippery and so on. The smaller the problem, the more valuable.


4. How to complain?

Users only need to go to to fill in the issues and suggestions for improvement. Our team will contact the merchant immediately after receiving each complaint.


5. Why do I need to provide suggestions for improvement?

The idea of ​​<Complain Hero> is that complaints are for improvement. That merchants know the problem, and then refer to the improvement suggestions, will greatly help the improvement. If you just want to complain without giving advice, this channel is not suitable for you. When things have improved, you will be satisfied again and everyone else will benefit, too.


6. Why is it not necessary to provide a name when making a complaint?

The goal is to protect the privacy of users. When submitting a complaint, <Complain Hero> will contact the merchant anonymously, and will only ask the user (complainant) to provide their name when necessary.


7. Will the information I give you be used for promotional purposes?

Please rest assured that all our data will be encrypted and stored securely. In addition, the user's contact information will never be passed on to the complained merchants nor any third parties.


8. Can I complain any merchants?

Our targets are shops, restaurants and other commercial B2C service providers. Interpersonal relations, government and political complaints are temporarily not accepted. We appreciate your understanding.


9. What feedback will I get?

Merchants will respond to the content of the complaint and answer the feasibility of your suggestions for improvement. The merchant will reply via <Complain Hero>, and we will contact you by email.


10. Will the merchant fail to reply?

We have handled many cases, and most of the merchants responded to complaints and opinions. Merchants understand that there are consequences for a third party to lodge a complaint without responding.


11. What results do I expect to get?

We expect merchants to respond to the content of the complaint and follow the suggestions made by users to make improvements.

The initial result is a response, because many times merchants cannot immediately adopt suggestions, but at least they will notice the problem. There is a good chance that merchants will make more appropriate arrangements after referring to the customer's suggestions.


12. How long will I have to wait for a response?

Typically it takes a few days to two weeks.


13. Will <Complain Hero> charge a service fee?

The service of <Complain Hero> is completely free. We aim to provide a convenient and stress-free complaint platform, so that merchants can understand the problem and make improvements.


14. Will you seek compensation for me?

No, our aim is to convey complaints and suggestions to users, so that merchants can improve and benefit all parties.


15. How will you respond to people saying you "encourage a culture of complaints"?

<Complain Hero> is different from general complaint handling. Users need to fill in suggestions for improvement, not just complain. The suggestion ideas will greatly benefit the merchants as it is usually very difficult for them to see their own problems, especially the smaller things. The Hong Kong government recently started to advocate "looking at complaints head-on, and building a good system together." <Complain Hero> can be said to be a non-governmental version.


16. Why don't you list complaint cases on the website?

At <Complain Hero>, we do not want merchants to be labeled as problem merchants. When there is an improvement case worth encouraging, it will be cited for reference when the merchant agrees. To be very clear, we are not a complaint board, which tends to be troubled by fake complaints.


17. Can I complain directly to the merchant?

Consumers can make complaints through the merchant's contact method or go to their social pages. However, our team cannot assist in the follow-up because it is not through <Complain Hero>. If you don't want to be annoyed, embarrassed, spend time or energy, use <Complain Hero> to make a complaint in one minute. If you really want to contact the merchant directly, we have provided some merchant contact methods below:

HK Express

Hongkong Airlines

Cathay Pacific

Bank of China

Hang Seng Bank


Standard Chartered Bank


Cafe de Coral

Pacific Coffee
Tai Hing

Pizza Hut
Maxims MX

Tsui Wah
Taimjar Samgor

Fitness First
Goji Studios
Pure Fitness


Dr Reborn
Dr Reborn
Angel Beauty

Angel Face
Moden Beauty

Slim Beauty

Public Transport
City Bus/ New Bus


Telcom Companies
3 HK
China Mobile


Park N Shop

Personal Care shops

Convenient Stores

Circle K