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Simply put, ComplainHero is a place for Hong Kong consumers to complain to shops, restaurants and other B2C service providers in Hong Kong.

​In the future, when consumers encounter any problems or undesirable things, they only need to remember Complain Hero ( to complain at ease. Consumers wanting to complain no longer need to spend time looking for complaint channels for individual merchants, such as hotlines or emails, or waste time waiting for customer service staff over the phone. They can also avoid any embarrassments caused by complaining publicly on social platforms.

Don’t get us wrong that we are encouraging a culture of complaints. On the contrary, we want to promote the positive treatment of complaints. When consumers complain, they must provide suggestions for improvement before we accept the cases.

Our mission is to let merchants know their imperfections and improve on them.

According to our research, merchants do not actually resist complaints, but rather want to learn about the problems. They know that the more subtle the problem, the more it will affect the customer experience.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of consumers who intend to lodge complaints will be discouraged by fear of trouble and embarrassment. As a result, merchants miss the urgency and severity of the problems and therefore the chance to deal with them in a timely fashion.

The ComplainHero team wants to significantly change this state, so that all merchants in Hong Kong can fully understand their problem areas and customer requirements in terms of quality and quantity, so that their operations are always at the best Level.

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